Personal blog without PHP

Let’s imagine that you need personal blog. You have some slow free hosting, it has no PHP and no ability to use any server-side at all. Or even worse - you only have account on Dropbox, and you need your blog there.

Or maybe you prefer Markdown-syntax to writing posts in HTML, more by token Markdown format is supported by all popular editors and many web-writing platforms. It would be convenient to store posts in separate files to make it easy to copy one post to Tumblr ect. Also it gives an opportunity to store fles in repository or organize subversioning of articles.
Or you want to have 2 blog’s versions in different languages (for example English and German)

* JQuery
* Showdown
* date parser

To create this JS/XML-driven blog engine we combined JQuery, Showdown (it’s a Markdown syntax parser converted to Javascript), and date parser.

To create new blog post download this package and install it. Change settings (prefs.xml), create post, (posts/.xml), add to posts.xml. Post is published. For further posts repeat only two last steps. (here - ./create.html - you’ll find the editor from Showdown)


no server side
posts are writen with Markdown syntax
every post is one separate XML-file
configuration through XML
CSS styles
Tags, tags cloud and navigation
permalink on every post
mobile browsers support
script for RSS generation is included


* there’s no comments support
* no indexing by search engines
* works only in browsers with Javascript enabled
* Javascript and JQuery work slow sometimes
* if you dont use .htaccess - indicate index.html